Deltran Battery Tender® Junior

The Battery Tender Junior is much more than a trickle charger. It has a brain. It’s lightweight, compact, and fully automatic; very easy to use, especially in small spaces. It will keep your battery fully charged so that it is ready to go when you are!

  • Fully automatic two-stage lead-acid battery charger.
  • Lightweight, compact size is ideal for those hard-to-reach spots.
  • Trickle charger ensures batteries are maintained after charging and always ready to go.
  • Ideal for all lead-acid, sealed maintenance-free and gel cell batteries.
  • On 12V models after full 14.4VDC charge is reached, converts to float charger and monitors battery at 13.2V; when voltage drops below 12.6VDC, charger resumes charging back to 14.4VDC.
  • On 6V models after full 7.2VDC charge is reached, converts to float charger and monitors battery at 6.6V; when voltage drops below 6.3VDC, charger resumes charging back to 7.2VDC.
  • Two-color LED indicator.
  • Spark-proof.
  • Reverse-polarity protected.
  • 12′ output cord and quick-connect harness.
  • 5 year warranty.

Deltran Battery Tender® Plus

The Battery Tender® Plus is a 1.25 amp battery charger designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. Included is a quick connect harness for hard to reach areas.


  • Constantly monitors the battery without the damaging effects of trickle chargers; a trickle charger will eventually boil dry or overcharge a battery.
  • Battery Tender Plus’ voltage output compensates for temperature changes, providing additional protection.
  • Initial charge brings battery to full charge at approximately 14.2V.
  • After full charge is reached, converts to float charger and monitors battery at 13.2V.
  • Although a constant charge is being applied to the battery, there is little or no current (approx. 10mA).
  • Periodic maintenance is recommended, but Battery Tender can monitor a battery for years without the fear of boiling or destroying the battery.
  • Optional pouch for safe and easy storage or transportation.
  • 12V Battery Tender Plus has fused quick-disconnect rings with a weather cover.
  • Temperature compensated to ensure optimum charge voltage according to ambient temperature.
  • Automatically switches from full charge to float charging mode.
  • Battery Tender at 1.25 amps will charge as fast or faster than any 3 amp charger available.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection to ensure user safety. Red & Green Lights Alternately Flash in this condition.
  • Complete 4-step charging program (Initialization, Bulk Charge, Absorption Mode, Float Mode).
  • 10 year Warranty!

NOTE: Earlier model Battery Tenders have a WHITE snap cord connector; later models have a BLACK snap cord connector. These snap cords are NOT interchangeable.

Deka AGM Batteries

The advanced generation AGM technology delivers superior performance, durability and life and is non-spillable and leakproof. These batteries come completely factory sealed and are fully charged eliminating the hassles of dry battery filling and activation.

This battery line features a versatile patented terminal design with top and side molded-in “threaded hardware,” which provides greater flexibility and more convenient installation. The terminal is molded into the cover for durability and leak free performance under the most severe conditions.

The Deka Power Sports line also features full-frame power path calcium/calcium grid construction for maximum cranking performance. Calcium lead alloy provides low self-discharge for long off-season storage. Vent tubes are not required making it environmentally safe and friendly.

The Deka Power Sports line consists of seven battery sizes and nine part numbers; ETX20L, ETX18L, ETX16L, ETX16, ETX15L, ETX15, ETX14, ETX12, and ETX9 with capacities ranging from 8 to 20 amp hours they cover the Power Sports Industry’s most popular replacement sizes. Height spacers are shipped with four part numbers (ETX16L, ETX16, ETX15, ETX14) to expand the coverage even further.


Cycle Electric Inc. Generators

  • High-quality construction and components; manufactured by the same company that supplies OEM.
  • Armature is balance wound, and the epoxy-bonded wires are fused to the commutator; hard maple wire wedges secure the windings.
  • 12V; 10A.
  • Available with black finish.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

All Cycle Electric Regulators are built to last.

Rectifying Regulators

We start with a rugged design capable of handling overloads and continuous operation. Then we use only top quality materials and military spec. assembly processes to ensure a low failure rate and the longest service life.

A more efficient approach to rectifying regulators.
To control voltage on Harley-Davidson alternators other rectifier regulators dump current to ground. This causes maximum stator current and temperature at all times. Cycle Electric rectifying regulators block current to control voltage. This reduces stator current resulting in lower temperature and less drag on the motor which means more efficient operation. The largest and most noticeable benefit is a smoother charge to the battery. This means less battery maintenance and longer battery life.

The unique design of Cycle Electric Inc. stators offer:

  • Insulation able to withstand temperatures of 600° F to eliminate stator burn out.
  • Better low speed output to reduce battery discharge at an idle.
  • Lower operating temperature for longer service life.
  • Improved plugs that will not swell or separate.

It has taken us years of constant upgrading to develop our current line of stators. We start with a higher temperature insulation system capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 600° F. Others fail at 425° F. This insulation is thinner which allows better heat transfer and better magnetic coupling.

We then wind each stator using our precision needle winder. This improves consistency, heat transfer, and magnetic coupling. Better heat transfer means cooler operating temperatures. Better magnetic coupling yields improved output over the entire R.P.M. range. When combined with our top quality plug materials you will not find a stator that can outperform or outlast a Cycle Electric Inc stator.

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